Fleck Law donates $250,000 to Laboratory at Bluewater Health

A $250,000 gift from Fleck Law will support the redevelopment of the Laboratory at Bluewater Health.

“With over a million chemistry tests being performed at Bluewater Health each year, the Laboratory plays an important part in patient care,” says Kathy Alexander, Executive Director, Bluewater Health Foundation. “This gift from Fleck Law will have an extraordinary impact on this project, which will ultimately help ensure patients continue to receive timely diagnosis and treatment.”

“We are honored to help support the needs of Bluewater Health by contributing to the new lab” says Pascale Daigneault and Carl E. Fleck, Q.C. of Fleck Law. “These challenging times have reinforced the importance of this project, which plays a crucial role in patient care at our local hospital.”

Daigneault and Fleck say the pandemic factored into their decision to give and while they could have left the gift in their will, they opted to make the donation now as the need is greatest.

The lab at Bluewater Health in Sarnia was installed over 10 years ago. As the equipment in the lab has aged, necessary repairs have become more frequent, which has slowed down the delivery of results required for decisions to be made in the development of treatment plans.

“70% of healthcare decisions made by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals are based on diagnostic results from the lab,” says Alexander. “These results provide important information needed for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of disease for intensive care, cancer, surgical and dialysis patients and new moms and babies.”

Several key pieces of equipment need to be upgraded or replaced which involves an overall reorganization of the space to optimize the flow of the lab. In addition, considerable advancements in technology have been made over the past 10 years. An investment in new technology will increase the labs capacity to produce accurate and thorough results in a more timely fashion.

The core lab will be named after Fleck Law as a result of their generosity.

To make a donation to the laboratory redevelopment project, visit www.bwhf.ca/donate