Cassidy's Blog: Saying Goodbye

One of my favourite group shots from the golf tournament!

July 26, 2018

All right everyone, my eight-week position is coming to an end and it’s almost time to say goodbye. So, for this week’s blog, I’m gonna tell you about what I’ve learned, and what experience I’ve gained by working at the Foundation.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to write: quickly, concisely, and professionally. In the Foundation, we do these blogs (obviously), write all kinds of Instagram and Twitter posts, caption donation pictures, and so much more. Writing is a big part of any communications-related job, and I’ve certainly gotten a boatload of experience working here. I bet that if you look back over the past eight weeks you can’t tell which posts I’ve written versus which posts my boss has written! 

Robb Sharp

It’s safe to say the majority of my job has been writing, either through these blog posts or short social media snippets. So it’s kinda weird to say that I sometimes struggle with writing. It takes me absolutely forever to get something down, and these blogs have been quite a challeng

I’ve learned how to design professional graphics during my time here, too. I always liked the graphic design part of my Communications Tech class in high school, but working at the Foundation let me actually put those skills to use. I got to design the graphic for the mammography donations in honour/memory of ad, which was even in the newspaper. These skills are 100% going to come in handy if I ever set up my own photography studio!

Speaking of photography, I’ve definitely gained a ton of experience in that field as well. When I wasn’t writing, I was taking or editing photos. As you might’ve noticed, I’ve posted a ton of photos on the Foundation Instagram and Twitter, and made several albums worth of pictures for our events. I even got to be the primary photographer for TWO big events (the golf tournament and the Block Party!) This job helped me learn a lot about on-location shooting, rather than in-studio shooting, which is what most of my experience is in. It’s really important to be good at both!

And because it’s my last week at the Foundation, they’ve decided to let me plug my Instagram (@cas.cooper). Once the semester starts, I’ll be posting all kinds of photos from the studio and around Sarnia. I promise you’ll get nothing but the best!

All right, it’s time for me to end this thing. Thanks to everyone in the office for giving me this awesome opportunity, and thanks to you for reading my blogs! (Hopefully you got some enjoyment out of it). You’ll hear from me again soon! - Cassidy

Cassidy is a second-year Digital Photography student at Lambton College chronicling her experience in the Foundation office over the course of the summer.