Greg & Betty Bond

Greg and Betty Bond’s commitment to their community hospital has been demonstrated over the years in many ways. Greg, currently past president of the Foundation Board, has held every executive role on the Board since 2006. Beyond his role on the Board, he has been available over the years to provide advice and mentorship to foundation staff from a business perspective. His company, Chemfab, sponsored many events while Greg was CEO and Greg and Betty have made significant contributions to Capital Campaigns such as the Building Campaign, MRI and, most recently, CT. During the construction of the hospital, Greg made himself available to give hard hat tours to potential donors and contributors to the campaign. Greg and Betty are true ambassadors of the Foundation, and by sharing the hospital’s story with others they think would be interested in becoming involved in hospital projects they have directly connected new donors. Betty has been an active volunteer in many departments here at Bluewater Health, as well as taking on roles at special events. It is rare for Greg and Betty to miss an event unless they are on a travel adventure as they enjoy their well-deserved retirement. Even with their significant contributions to Bluewater Health, Greg and Betty want little to no acknowledgement or credit – the gifts they share truly come from a place of wanting to help others.

Photo by Bisi Alawode Photography

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