Bluewater Health Foundation Urgent Needs

Each year, hospital and medical staff develop a prioritized list of medical equipment and technology that is needed at Bluewater Health. It is your generous support that allows us to acquire many of these critical items, further allowing us to provide the best possible care at our community hospital. Below are departments which currently require funds. For more information contact us.

Bluewater Health Helipad

Bluewater Health Helipad

Bluewater Health is planning for the establishment of a helipad at the Sarnia hospital to support the region’s most critical patients. Currently, Bluewater Health relies on ground emergency medical services (EMS) and the Sarnia Chris Hadfield airport for patient transfers. Bluewater Health is the only hospital in the region without on-site air-ambulance capabilities, which are critically important when transfers and delays can mean poorer patient outcomes. 

During the 2019/2020 fiscal year, Bluewater Health transferred out almost 400 people – from either the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, or the Maternal/Infant/Child Unit – to hospitals providing highly specialized care. An on-site helipad provides fast access to Ontario’s top trauma centres, burn centres, and neonatal intensive care units. 

This new helipad will offer our critically-ill patients faster access to Ontario’s top trauma centres, burn centres, and neonatal intensive care units. In emergency medicine, every single minute saved in transporting a critically ill patient, drastically increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. For some, this can be a matter of life or death.

A helipad will be an invaluable new resource for both Bluewater Health and the residents of Lambton County. Together, with your donation, we can save lives.