Twin Bridge Lighting

If you have been looking for “bright” and unique lighting ideas for your home, it's worth a visit to Twin Bridge Lighting in Point Edward. Established in 1995, this cozy and welcoming family-owned store features every type of lighting available – from sleek contemporary styles to warm traditional fixtures suited to any space.

Twin Bridge Lighting has a large selection of exterior and interior lights, mirrors, ceiling fans, decorative pictures, lampshades, bulbs, mailboxes and range hoods. Twin Bridge is builder friendly. We do custom orders as well.

The actual layout of Twin Bridge is very customer friendly. They can readily accommodate wheelchairs and baby strollers—another consideration when putting the customer first. The lighting display is impressive with many unique items. Whether you're looking for vanity fixtures, chandeliers or portable lamps, Twin Bridge is sure to satisfy any need.

You can see Twin Bridge Lighting's products in this year's Dream Home. Bluewater Health Foundation thanks Twin Bridge Lighting for their support of the Dream Home Lottery!

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