A letter from Dr. Youssef Almalki

Having this new and upgraded CT scanner enables scans to be completed in literally a heartbeat.

Dr. Almalki and a female and male sit around a computer screen looking at scans from a CT scanner.

Showing off the innovative scans we could never do until
now, thanks to the new CT scanner!

When our diagnostic team began the pursuit of a new CT scanner we had a clear purpose; the absolute best for Sarnia-Lambton. Bluewater Health’s previous CT scanner was acquired 11 years ago and was at the end of its lifespan. Known as the ‘workhorse’ of the imaging department, the CT scanner produces 3D images of the body to give a detailed picture of what is going on inside. This vastly increases our ability to accurately and quickly diagnose medical conditions and injuries. A CT scan shows detail that cannot be seen on traditional x-ray.

While we were presented with a wide range of options for the new scanner, the one we chose, the Revolution CT, is top of the line and requires a lower dose of radiation to complete the scan. Bluewater Health is the third facility in Ontario and the sixth in Canada to have the Revolution CT. This new scanner has improved our patient’s experience by providing fast imaging for pediatric patients (without the need for sedation), trauma patients, and those that are unable to hold still.

The new CT scanner provides uninterrupted and advanced imaging for our stroke patients. When patients exhibit symptoms of stroke, a quick diagnosis using the CT scanner is critical in ensuring the patient receives appropriate treatment as soon as possible. This can make an enormous difference in quality of life following a stroke. 

Learn more about Bluewater Health's new CT suite.

It’s an exciting time for the team in Diagnostic Imaging, as we are able to see firsthand the potential of the new machine. One of the first people to experience the benefits of the new CT was a patient with Parkinson’s disease. A scan would not have been attempted with this patient in the old scanner due to the blurry images that result when a patient can’t stay still. He would have had to receive his scan in another community, or maybe not at all.

The acquisition of equipment of this caliber is made possible by the generosity of the Sarnia-Lambton community. History has shown us that when there is a need in our hospital, our community supports us time and time again. It is because of their contributions that Bluewater Health can purchase and install leading edge equipment and technology right here in Sarnia-Lambton. Whether through a personal donation, attendance at one of our events, or the purchase of a Dream Home Lottery ticket, we are so grateful for the support.


Dr. Almalki's handwritten signature.

Dr. Youssef Almalki
Consultant Radiologist, Medical Director
Diagnostic Imaging, Bluewater Health