A Letter from Tabitha Brinn

My name is Tabitha Brinn, and this is the story of my daughter Sophia’s birth at Bluewater Health.

Every parent, from the moment they find out that they are expecting a child, to the moment they take that little baby home for the first time, experiences a unique journey. For many, there are bumps in the road on this journey, and sometimes it doesn’t happen the way they had imagined, or planned. For my first pregnancy, the nine months went quite smoothly, as pregnancies go. At my first ultrasound I was thrilled to learn that my baby was to arrive around the end of September, and I couldn’t have been more excited to meet him or her.  

I was thrilled to return to Bluewater Health a few weeks after
giving birth to introduce Sophia to Priscilla and Melanie, my
Bluewater Health angels (or so I call them!)

When you are expecting a child, you have nine months to think about your birth experience, and although much is not really in your control, you develop a scenario of how you think your labour will play out on that special day. For me, there were three things that I feared most about the time it came to have my baby;  my labour having to be induced, my gynecologist, Dr. Elkelani, not being available to deliver the baby, and requiring a caesarian section. I knew these things were not in my control, but still I worried about them. 

When my due date came and went, Dr. Elkelani booked my induction for the first week in October. My first fear had become a reality. I had heard that when you are induced, labour can come on quickly and aggressively, so I was scared. My second fear would now be less likely to become a reality though, since Dr. Elkelani was available on the day of my induction. So that was a bonus! I was thankful that the doctor I knew and was comfortable with, was going to be there with me. 

When my partner Nick and I arrived at the hospital on the morning of October 6th I felt anxious, but took comfort in familiar surroundings. All of my prenatal tests had been completed at Bluewater Health, from my blood tests and ultrasounds to my stress test, which took place the night before my induction. I met two nurses, Priscilla and Melanie, who would be with my through my entire labour; never would I have known at that point that these women, who were strangers to me, would support and encourage me through the most frightening and beautiful experience of my life. I will never forget the kindness and compassion they offered me. 

Since bringing Sophia home from the hospital, my
partner Nick and I are overwhelmed with love for
our little girl!

As the morning progressed, my labour pains became regular and more and more intense, but I was not dilating as I needed to in order to give birth naturally. My third fear would come true as well, when I was told that I needed to have an emergency caesarian section. This was major surgery and I was very scared. As I was brought to receive an epidural, my nurse Priscilla stayed with me and made me feel safe and supported. I was able to remain awake for the birth of my daughter, which I was so grateful for. Holding Sophia for the first time was the most incredible feeling.

My recovery at Bluewater Health took place over the next two days. The staff in the Maternal Infant Child department took care of me and showed me how to take care of Sophia, how to bathe her and care for her healing umbilical cord. They even cared for her on the second night for a few hours so that I could get some much needed sleep. 

A couple of weeks later I returned to Bluewater Health’s Ambulatory Care to get my staples out from the caesarian section. I had healed perfectly, and I felt lucky because the recovery was not nearly as bad as I had heard it could be. 

My experience at Bluewater Health was absolutely phenomenal. Even though two of my three fears became a part of my journey, the staff and my doctor were there for me every step of the way, assuring me that I was safe, supported and I could do it! I will never forget them.


Tabitha Brinn
New Mom
Grateful patient

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