Cassidy's Blog: Canada Day Fun at Bluewater Health

July 5, 2018

Happy Thursday everyone! Even though Canada Day was five days ago, we’re still gonna talk about it on this week’s blog. Not Canada Day itself, but something way better. More festive. More wholesome. That’s right. I’m talking about the second annual Bluewater Health Canada Day Decor Contest! (*airhorns*)

Last Wednesday,  judges Kathy, Adelle and Nicole, went on a tour of the hospital to each of the departments to check out their decorations. I tagged along with my camera to take a few photos, which you can see on our Facebook and Instagram!

There was a huge range of displays, some with trivia and fun facts, others with quizzes and history lessons. Some even tried to bribe the judges with cookies and cupcakes (they were delicious, but your names have been given to the authorities.)

After deliberating, the judges came up with our winners:

  • 1st Place Overall: Laboratory (pictured)
  • 2nd Place Overall (tie): Physiotherapy CEEH and Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Best Use of Beavers: Withdrawal Management Outpatient
  • Best Patient Participation: Mental Health Inpatient
  • Most Prime Ministerial: Administration
  • Best Celebration of Canadians: Communications
  • Most Factual: Finance
  • Most 'Canadiana': Diagnostic Imaging
  • Most Inviting/Engaging: Payroll
  • Most Welcoming: Volunteer Services
  • Most Heartfelt: Cardiology
  • Cutest Entry: Maternal Infant Child

Canada Day is done, decorations are being pulled down, and the hospital is transitioning into its summer hours (which means no more Tim Hortons, unfortunately.) Don’t worry, the decorating contest will be back again in December when we celebrate the holidays!

Cassidy is a second-year Digital Photography student at Lambton College chronicling her experience in the Foundation office over the course of the summer.