Cassidy's Blog: My First Week at Bluewater Health Foundation

June 14, 2018

Hello everyone! I’m Cassidy Cooper, Bluewater Health Foundation’s summer marketing student. I’ll be taking over the Foundation’s Instagram for the next seven weeks, writing blog posts about my experience on the website, and posting photos to Instagram. I'll cover stuff like Pride Day (next Monday!), Canada Day, and of course - the BMO Do It For Sarnia Block Party.

So let me introduce myself really quick: I’m Cassidy Cooper, a second year Digital Photography student at Lambton College. I’ve lived in Sarnia my whole life. I’m huge into 3D modelling, animation, film, and whatnot.

I’ve been volunteering with the Foundation for the past year and a half-ish, mostly doing camera work at events (Children’s talent show at Winter Wonderland, the Tribute Gala, and Michael Landsberg’s visits to our local high schools, and the cover photo for the final issue of Pulse!), but also helping out around the office. You might’ve seen me painting the Foundation’s door for Canada Day and Christmas last year.

When they told me about a summer position opening up, I - of course - jumped at the chance. I mean, I’ve done enough work for the Foundation, it’s about time I get paid! (I’m kidding, of course). I’m super excited to be working at the Foundation and can’t wait to show you all the amazing work they do. See you next week!

Cassidy is a second-year Digital Photography student at Lambton College chronicling her experience in the Foundation office over the course of the summer.