National Volunteer Week 2018 - Ernie Wong

“For the over ten years I’ve been volunteering with Bluewater Health Foundation, I’ve been afforded an opportunity to give back to the community. I’ve met many people that I would not otherwise have, learned a lot about the important work of the Foundation in support of our hospital, and have helped get the message out to our community. Every one of us, regardless of ailment, uses Bluewater Health. This is why the Foundation is so important to me; they help enhance the success of our community hospital to provide the best care possible to all of us. Recently, as a patient myself, I had a knee replacement that went very smooth because of the professionalism and caring approach of staff, from surgery, three night stay, to post-op.”

Ernie Wong
Foundation Volunteer since 2008


National Volunteer Week (April 15-21) is a time to thank and celebrate Canada's volunteers. To commemorate, we're excited to feature a handful of our wonderful volunteers every day this week. These volunteers have truly made an impact on the Foundation and we feel truly privileged to have them lend their time and skills to us. To volunteers across the country: thank you for all you do!